„The most exciting breakthroughs of the twenty-first century will not occur because of technology, but because of an expanding concept of what it means to be human.“  John Naisbitt

Benjamin Brockhaus and his partners are freelance project-developers, -managers, networkers and consultants who are deeply-rooted in an holistic understanding of sustainable development.

We help teams, institutions and businesses to become pioneers of a next generation of sustainable organizations.

  • Holistic enterprise analysis:  During a few days visit, we analyze strengths and weaknesses of your business and identify development potentials towards improving your economic, social and ecological perfomance.


  • Participatory project- and organisational development:  Recovering the natural human way of collaboration and self-management,  where humans can unfold their potential for the succes of the organisations‘ purpose respecting body, spirit and soul.


  • Organizational culture for evolving evolution: We create the atmospheres, organizational cultures and social settings out of which projects, operations and strategies can evolve, which will develop your organization further.


  • Shaping new sustainability consciousness: We retrieve staffs sense for the common welfare and purpose of the organisation and encourage people for an individual process of spiritual self-transformation: taming the fears and assaults of human ego.


  • We inspire you to get in touch with the spirit of your organization – by understanding it as a living social organism with vital parts, processes and needs.


  • Deep conferencing: We offer conception and facilitation of  workshops,  seminaries and conferences combining various methods and tools.


  • Consulting & Development: We are experienced with project- and event-conceptions, NPO- and sustainability strategies, education for sustainable development, CSR, social-entrepreneurship, marketing and fundraising.

What we do


„Extraordinary things begin to happen when we dare to bring all of who we are to work.”Frederic Laloux, Reinventing Organizations



  • co-foundation and board of Youth Future Project association
  • event conception and coordination
  • VIP assistance & tour management


  • Project development und conception of „Economy to Weconomy“ initiative
  • Organizational development
  • Event conceptions & management

  • Conception, co-foundation, fundraising and financial advice for the volunteer-management-network Watt°N
  • pilot multi-stakeholder project for regional marketing of sheep products
  • Event conception, hosting and moderatoin


  • “Reinventing Organizations” process moderation  (2017-2019)





  • co-foundation and board
  • event management
  • CTO and CFO, general secretary
  • Co-organisation of the official Swiss campaign for basic income (Basel, 2016)
  • Event conception and management (Zurich, 2016)


  • Event conception and management @ future of work conference (Zurich, 2016)


  • Philanthropy consulting
  • project research, reporting & evaluation (Barbados, 2018)
  • project development and coordination (2015-2018)
  • „Succow-Seminar“ – Education program for sustainable development for young high-potentials following an transdiscplinenary youth & elders approach (2015, 2018)
  • Podium „Man & Biosphere in partnership“, Kassel (2018)

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